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On Mar 20, 10:31, Mikael Reichel wrote:

> Can not help myself with a remark or two. Beeing a complete layman at
> the horrors of working a telecine I have been following the Omega
> Anxiety Story and reruns. Does this not all point to tape-to-tape?
> What are your objections really? Would'nt everone just be so pleased
> if they do not need to handle the precious piece of film longer than
> absolutely neccessary. Educate me.

In commercials, there is certainly more t-to-t happening than ever
before, from my perspective.  D1 to D1 or D2, mostly.  A lot of these
are director's reels, where a D1 was recorded during the initial
dailies sessions, and the director "splits off" his version of the
spot from the agency final.

But because your initial transfer may have some clipped signals that
are impossible to recover, and because the telecine does (by far) the
best blow-ups and repo's, the great majority of final
color-corrections (for television commercials, anyway) are done as
film-to-tape sessions.


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