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>Also is anyone out there using modifications which allow mounting filters in
>the optical path?  What type of success are you having with them and how do
>they compare to in camera filtration?

I have been using/experimenting  with telecine filters for nearly 3 years
now. They have a specific "look" which when required is a cheap and safe
and much loved by some directors. I know a couple who will not even start a
session until their favourite combo is in place !

The effects do not really equate to the use of the same filter on the camera
however. Mainly because we are using diffusion from negative origination.
Therefore instead of whites glowing over blacks, what we get is Blacks
smudgeing over whites. I always describe it as an air brush look.
Also since effectively we are diffusing the tube scans, not the image the
fitration necesary is generally much greater than that required in camera.
Typically in the range of 1 - 4

Drawbacks: Mostly that this filteration reduces the light source and so
increases the signal to noise, not usually a problem, but noticeable. Also I
have had clients bring in filters, and then a couple of days later had a call
from the edit, asking for a shot to be retransferred, only to be told "we do
not have the right filter in house.

Overall, a nice effect when applied to the right material.

Online, Zurich

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Date:	95-03-20 18:29:22 EST
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