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No Subject

On Mar 21, 11:16, Mikael Reichel wrote:
} Subject: Layman's Terms

> For this reason this BBS is in my mind the best thing that has
> happened in this business from an evolutionistic sense in a very very
> long time. If this was an English BBS we would soon have to add Sir to
> Rob.  We still avoid kicking or dogs and cats. So much for religion.

All accolades are extremely welcome.  Knighthood (and hubris) always
became me.

Call it a BBS if you will, but I'd rather call this a mailing list, or
just "group", in that the architecture is rather reversed from that of
a BBS.  (Here in the US, the difference between a traditional BBS
and the internet is like the difference between CB and amateur radio--
in a word, large. [Though I must admit that with the opening up of the
net, ...])

> The only really interesting thing that has happened recently is BTS's
> and Kodak FLH1000. Kodak's work on the optical path is a impressive.

I wish we could hear more about the FLH1000 here.  Is anybody here
working with one?


Subj:	Fuji film
Date:	95-03-21 12:48:50 EST
From:	rob at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com