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>From: Arthur Cosgrove, MP&TV Imaging AT Dev. Eastman Kodak Company
901 Elmgrove Rd. Rochester, N.Y. 14653-5905     TEL: (716) 726-2771
email: kr25.lyoo00 at kodako.kodak.com   FAX:(716)726-9453  KMX: 252-5866
Subject: BTS/Kodak FLH Telecine

Rob Lingelbach


A email message that you wrote was forwarded to me earlier this week. The
message asked the question if anyone was working on one of the FLH's?

The answer is yes, the system is being worked on, and is in the hands of a
very few users at this time. I'm the Program technical leader for the
Eastman Kodak side of the development program. Kodak is supplying the scanner
to BTS for the complete telecine product, this includes the light source
through the digitization of the sampled analog CCD signals.

BTS has resently installed an FLH here in Rochester, NY at the Kodak facility
They have a beta site unit in Germany (Wagner's), a Detroit, Mich site will
be installed in the next week or two at Producers Color, and Channel 4 in
London will have an FLH within the next few weeks.
We are in the process of doing some design updates for delivery later this
year, including a new scan width for Super16mm. The original Super 16mm Lens
Gates were designed for a 11.98mm scan width, and change is being considered
One thing you might help out with is what does the user want in terms of
this scan width? Our feedback is indicating that it should be in the 12.35 to
12.50mm range rather than just including the safe area which is 11.95mm
nominal...Our full Aperture 35mm scan width is 24.50 mm. We believe that
this width is acceptable to the user, and are a little reluctant to consider
wider scan widths because of compromise to image quality (introduction of
flare light) in this format.

Anyway if you have any questions relative to BTS product call your local BTS
representative, or I can address technical issues, or pass them along to the
proper BTS engineer(s) in Germany.....relative to the FLH series of


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