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What is it that Improves resolution on the Rank besides the daily setup
checks like Gate focus/Electronic focus. 

As a tube gets older and softens up what is consdered acceptable resolution
(I was told at one time that Rank states that 65% is acceptable)

My engineer tells me that the Rank(Mk3-422) I'm on will never be as sharp as
the Rank in the next room. Which is also Mk3-422.   Why is this?  They said
they did a freq.sweep & put a new tube in, but still just dosn't quite get
there. What else could we be looking at?
Much Thanks in advance,

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Subj:	Re: Camera Filtration,Colored...
Date:	95-03-23 15:13:43 EST
From:	 at rushes.co.uk:paulg at rushes.co.uk