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>How many of you would agree that with tools like Power Windows, shooting
>with graded filters is unnecessary?  It seems to me that unless you're lookin
>for a particular texture - tape finishes make this stuff a thing of the
> And even in tape, edit magic combined with tools like the DFX, Harry, etc,
> allow the filmmaker to come up with an infinite variety of textures and
>maintain a "normal" negative.
>What do some of the DPs on the list think?  
>Also is anyone out there using modifications which allow mounting filters in
>the optical path?  What type of success are you having with them and how do
>they compare to in camera filtration?
>Re: scratches
>Prior to devices like the DVNR, I've seen alot of scratches, dirt, etc
>removed with paintboxes, multiple passes with soft wipes, etc.  Does  anyone
>have interesting techniques to mention for removal of continuous scratches

I supply Camera Filter FX drawer assy for the Ursa Gold.
We have been using them for 3 years.
Drop me a line for more info

Subj:	PTR roller update
Date:	95-03-23 22:40:17 EST
From:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
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