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I spoke with Rod Wayne from San Lab about PTR rollers, and he informs me 
that they have a helical wind to them.  This, he informs me enables them to 
remove the dirt.  This also means, he says, that the natural 
inclination of the film over the roller will be in the direction of the 
helical wind. So, depending upon the orientation of the roller, it will 
either push the film towards the deck plate, or away. Ideally, he says, each 
roller pair should be installed so that one roller is pushing towards the 
plate, and the other one pushing outwards.  They should be reinstalled this 
way after washing. The rollers feeding the gate will in time tend to follow
taper of the two entrance rollers, so this introduces another bias. He 
mentioned that he is exploring a way to mark PTRs.  Also, one set should 
be used for 16mm and one for 35mm.  The 16mm film wears a groove in the 
rollers which can cause 35mm not to work as well. I've seen several 
machines recently having perfectly good mechanical and servo alignments, 
that wind and pack perfectly without PTRs. But, the moment that the worn 
rollers have been reintroduced, problems followed. It can be confirmed by 
shuttling bach and forth and watching for travel on the rollers. People 
here have also been somewhat lazy, and are using tape to clean the PTRs 
quickly. Our experience shows that this causes a sticky residue to build up, 
which causes additional problems.  I guess the moral is buy lots of 
rollers and make Rod rich. ;-) $$


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