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There are many places and ways to improve the resolution of the MKIII. There
are  freq resp. tweeks on the afterglow's for example.  It takes alot of
time, desire and perseverance to flatten out a machine.  The simplest
approach can be to start with all the RGB sets and measure the blue against
green and the red against green and cut the cables so that the timing is
perfect.  This is not ops stuff, it's engineer stuff.  For a MKII 65-70% is
acceptable.  If you need to milk out a tube that is going soft, sometimes
creeping the tube current down helps.  You can also gain some "apparent"
resolution by having the optics in the cellbox cleaned.  

Your engineer is probably right about one machine "just looking better" than
the other....no two mkIII's ever look alike...they are analog devices, full
of caps that age and tweeks that drift.  It unfortunately the nature of the

D. Chapman

Subj:	Re: tape-to-tape vs. telecine
Date:	95-03-24 00:12:52 EST
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