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Rob said,
> These days the majority of blue (and green) screen material that I
> transfer, usually pin-registered, goes to Henry or Harry for
> compositing.  
Steve adds,

When we have done these things, we usually do a check matte using our
U-5. If it mattes well in Rank, then it will work in most post houses.
We have run into situations where complaints are heard about edging more
than suppression. 
What we found was delay taps in the Digi-4 being set for secondary
correctors. (I assume this is something Rank may have offered or
provisions were allowed for) I don't think they were talking about
pre-store Davinci's. Any way, with the taps set the wat they were, it
created a red edge, usually to the right of foreground objects. Use of
the clips would negate this. But it does cause your key to take that
"hard look". 
What I don't know, is this unique to us, or was this a factory thing?
It is really noticable on blue screen and not so bad on greens. After we
adjusted the taps, our edging went away, the U-5 keys so much easier,
and we make better pictures. 
Whoa, what a course change. Rob, we use the U-5 cause it's the only
"Chroma Keyer" in house. The clients like it and if they want a matte
roll, it is no problem. We keep a U-5 matte signal in the router for
this reason. 

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Subj:	Re: suppressed passes: which device?
Date:	95-03-25 09:25:49 EST
From:	rob at xyzoom.alegria.com
To:	telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com