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On Mar 25,  6:33, Stephen Darsey wrote:
} Subject: Re: suppressed passes: which device?

> Whoa, what a course change. Rob, we use the U-5 cause it's the only
> "Chroma Keyer" in house. The clients like it and if they want a matte
> roll, it is no problem. We keep a U-5 matte signal in the router for
> this reason. 

I forgot to mention, the Ultimatte I use is the 6.  Let me see, wasn't
the 5 the one with the quasi-programmability-- you can memorize panel
settings to be recalled sequentially, and the knobs were tapered black
thingys?  I believe I've also been told that the previous model, the
4, is superior to the 5.  The 4 is the one I "grew up" on.

We have here on the mailing list an Ultimatte
consultant/engineer/operator, Bob Kertesz, who, I hope, checks his
email once in a while ;-).


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