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Rob said,
> I forgot to mention, the Ultimatte I use is the 6.  Let me see, wasn't
> the 5 the one with the quasi-programmability-- you can memorize panel
> settings to be recalled sequentially, and the knobs were tapered black
> thingys?  I believe I've also been told that the previous model, the
> 4, is superior to the 5.  The 4 is the one I "grew up" on.
> We have here on the mailing list an Ultimatte
> consultant/engineer/operator, Bob Kertesz, who, I hope, checks his
> email once in a while ;-).
> --Rob
Then Steve said
Yup, the U-5 is programmable as well as having a remotable control
panel. It is the only matte device I know. Other than GVG-1600 chroma
keyers. "Hey, can we move her fill so's we don't see green in her hair?"
I'd like to have a U-anything that is better than the U-5. It can be a
b**** to fix sometimes.

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  Subj:	Re: tape-to-tape vs. telecine
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