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On 27 Mar 1995, Michel Cadieux wrote:

> We have an old Rank MKIIIb with digi 1.
> I have been told that it is possible to upgrade it to "Turbo". It would
> approx. $140,000 USD and the machine would be digital ??? 
> I would appreciate if somebody could give me more info. or tell me where I
> get the info.
> Can it be rated "better  than a 4:2:2 ?
> Thanks.   from  a sceptical technician who is dreaming of an URSA gold. 
Are you referring to Rank upgrading the machine, or possibly to Options'
"Regal V Enhancement" package?  In any case, it is certainly do-able, at 
a cost, and not to be taken lightly.  That's where all those Turbo 2's 
come from, after all.  

And yes, with a Quattroscan 4:4:4 Framestore, for example, the quality 
indeed surpasses that of 4:2:2.  It's 10-bit full-bandwidth RGB, 
with 601 out, and it makes beautiful pictures.  

I know about the Options package, because I have recently decided to 
return to freelance engineering, and I am their installation engineer for 
the package.  It includes:  Meta-Speed/RTS Plus Kit, Digital Deflection, 
Tube Enhancements AFD Platinum CRT, and Quattroscan.  Options will be at 
NAB, Hall S2, Booth #13256.  

Ralph Edwards 

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