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A "Turbo" was a rebuild of a MKIIIb machine to include zoom and 
varispeed, and a Digiscan IV 4:2:2 store.  The original term was from a 
company called Unimedia that Rank later bought.  It included a "black box" 
add on for varispeed servo that  Rank ended up replacing with a stock 
servo on most all machines, largely due to reliability (or lack thereof).
Now Rank rebuilds machines as Turbo IIs and they can actually be very 
good.  They are vastly better than the original Turbos.  If someone is 
offering a Turbo II in exchange for a MKIIIb and $140K, it might be 
okay.  If they want to give an original turbo, or if it is not from Rank, 
I would be VERY CAREFUL. All in all, I would suggest buying a new Turbo 
II from Rank, or an Ursa Gold.  If you factor in the average mean time 
before failure for components into the choice, remember that the older 
the machine, the more problems you are likely to encounter. Rebuilds of 
machines can work well if components likely to fail are also replaced.  
Often in the past Turbo generation, they were not.  I'd go for the Gold 
if you justify the expense.  Buyer beware. 
Well.... time to go to the used Lucas refrigerator and open 
another warm beer. ;-)

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On 27 Mar 1995, Michel Cadieux wrote:

> We have an old Rank MKIIIb with digi 1.
> I have been told that it is possible to upgrade it to "Turbo". It would
> approx. $140,000 USD and the machine would be digital ??? 
> I would appreciate if somebody could give me more info. or tell me where I
> get the info.
> Can it be rated "better  than a 4:2:2 ?
> Thanks.   from  a sceptical technician who is dreaming of an URSA gold. 

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