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>And yes, with a Quattroscan 4:4:4 Framestore, for example, the quality 
>indeed surpasses that of 4:2:2.  It's 10-bit full-bandwidth RGB, 
>with 601 out, and it makes beautiful pictures.  
>I know about the Options package, because I have recently decided to 
>return to freelance engineering, and I am their installation engineer for 
>the package.  It includes:  Meta-Speed/RTS Plus Kit, Digital Deflection, 
>Tube Enhancements AFD Platinum CRT, and Quattroscan.  Options will be at 
>NAB, Hall S2, Booth #13256.  
>Ralph Edwards 

I was not aware of this package from Options.  The store sounds interesting.
Will it do a NEWS flip like the Gold?  I'm firmly convinced about the merits
of the Digital Deflection system, and Meta-Speed/RTS.  This system sounds
promising.  I've heard of some other third party (not Options) doing
"tubro", but I would be wary of them. "Turboized" properly, Mark IIIs CAN
give Ursas a run for their money. If money is no object, Gold is great, but
on the other hand....will the clients pay more for it? ;-) 
Sounds like were getting close to "Body by Rank" being reality ;-)
Congratulations on your move. 


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