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Alphie question

How many Alphie D1 switcher users are there on our list?

It isn't easy sometimes asking the Alpha engineers a question that
relates more to operator technique.  

Specifically, as I alluded to last week in a posting about suppressed
passes, I'd like to know if anyone is doing suppressed blue recordings
using the Alphie's chroma keyer, with the Key Mask turned off, so
there is not actually a key on the output, but a foreground with
suppressed blue-- which is ideal.  I have, however, been less than
completely successful at removing all chroma from this picture;
typically, when I turn off the Key Mask, there is vestigial chroma on
some other axis, perhaps green/magenta, that the suppression handles
will not remove.

Could be that I'll just have to get into this at NAB, but that can be
kind of a circus.

This got me to thinking that it would be great to have a database here
of the equipment with which each of us is familiar....anybody else
think this is a good idea?  


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