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Re: What is Rank Turbo ?

On Wed, 29 Mar 1995, Craig Nichols wrote:
> The URSA 4:4:4 store used in the Gold, or updated Ursas will read the 
> store memory out in reverse order via the NEWSs flip (North, East, West, 
> South) function.  So, you can take a patch of a few lines (i.e. 16:9  
> at 30fps), invert it to a larger one, and then invert the picture back to 
> normal in the store. An add on 4:4:4 store for Mark III that allow this, 
> could prove promising when used with the Digital Deflection Scan System.  
> Yet, another advantage that the Digital Scan system offers that URSA does 
> not is adjustable pincushion. Inverted 16:9 on URSA tends to have some 

Regardless of aspect ratio, at some point your speed selection is limited 
because the patch gets too small.  That's why with Meta-Speed, for example,
you can't select most speeds between 30 and 40 fps on a MKIII.  The inverted 
scan with the flip allows the Gold more usable sizes and speeds, and it is 
useful for Super-16.  There is a feature in development for the 
Quattroscan in conjunction with Meta-Speed which will give you 
continuously variable speed.  IE, you could dial in a speed, the 
machine would just do it, and the patch would be ok.  This will remedy 
limitations imposed by the present method of counting vertical intervals 
to determine valid speeds.


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