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NAB browsing

I'm sure others will have many things to add to this list.  These are 
some of the Telecine things I want to look at:
1. Artisan /daVinci 8:8:8
2. DAV digital deflection system which ensures the patch will remain the 
correct size for any format) on Mark III. (Options and Rank).
3. DAV burn, black and white shading, and afterglow system. (Options) 
4. DAV SUPRISE!!! He won't talk yet. (Options)
5. daVinci 8:8:8 demo by Kevin Shaw with Ursa Gold (Rank)
6. Misc Options upgrades including those Ralph speaks of (Quattroscan)
7. Any new things from Rank?
8. Metaspeed servo (Options)
9. RTS film gates (Options) 
10. BTS Quadra (some people speak nicely about them), and new Copernicus 
color corrector (some people have forgiven them, but hope they get some 
faster tech support) 
11. BTS/Kodak FLH HDTV telecine.
12. Misc. SGI (probably everywhere)
13. Digital Vison misc.

I'm sure there is more.  Does anyone care to add, delete, or rearrange?


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