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Re: NAB update

>A reminder for those who are going to NAB that we have an informal
>meeting each day at 11 am for anyone who wants to get together at the
>Rank booth, where we can watch Kevin Shaw demo an Ursa (Gold I think
>it was) (with dV 888 Kevin?), and where we can then make arrangements
>for lunch, if applicable.

Yep I'll be on an Ursa Gold, and 8:8:8. I realise this is not outstandingly new
equipment, but it has become something of a standard, and with all of your help
perhaps we can come up with some new uses/techniques. Certainly it is a good
time to pass on wish lists to the various manufacturers. When several colorists
at a show start asking for similar things, I think it has more influence than
isolated suggestions/complaints to different representatives at different
times.  There will be basic programmed demos, at times tba, but in between
times we can chat and play. This time round I will be bringing pos and neg, but
it is always nice when others bring some film of their own to tackle. ( Nothing
like a challenge)

I understand there will be 7 Da Vinci systems at the show, including 1 Artisan
on the Dynatech stand. The others are at BTS, Ampex and 4 at Rank.
Rank will show Ursa Gold, a High Def, Turbo and Klone ( 4000+ line Scanner )

Looking forward to meeting you.