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  OFFICE MEMO                                                 Time:
                      HELP! FORTEL                                  04-03-95

Several years ago, Corporate Communications supplied a color-
correction system based on a FORTEL CC-2 component color cor-
rector. Corporate added a programmable controller and changed
the software in the CC-2 unit.

I have a buddy who has one of these modified units but really
needs to convert it back to stand-alone operation. He needs the
original PROMS for the FORTEL CC-2. Presumably, these original
PROMS were shipped as spares when the CCC modified unites were
sold, but he has lost his or is not the original owner.

If anyone has these PROMS, perhaps I can borrow them and copy
them or perhaps you can send me a hex or binary file? Any help
would be GREATLY appreciated. I wouldn't ask, 'cept FORTEL has
gone to the big NAB in the sky a few years ago. Thanks.

bill topazio / Editel New York / bt at edny.univid.com