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Dear Group

Re. HiRes 1440

Undersigned have been given the honor of introducing HiRes1440 to the Group.

The HiRes1440 has been formed by Digital Vision, PVP, Tekniche and ADV in order
to address the industry requirement for a master telcine format and to create a
usable format asap, not to maintain esoteric discussions on how all of this can
be realised some five years from now. 

As the name implies the basic requirement for all release formats that end up in
625 or 525 is not higher vertical resolution but more resolution in the
horizontal domain. This is required if a master shall be capable of supplying
letterboxed and pan-scanned releases based on a "digital interpositive". A worst
case example would be a transfer of a 2.35:1 optical format. By having an entire
telecine to tape chain, including the grading equipment, able to transport and
process 1440 pixels (8:4:4) instead of todays limitation of 720 pixels, a
realistic solution is acheived. 2.35:1 is approximately double the width of 1.33
(4:3) so 1440 pixels will do just fine. The catch is that you need to have the
entire chain, including the telecine putting out true 1440 pixels. To do this a
number of key manufacturers needed to get their acts together.

PVP, Preferred Video Products, does the commercial end of things, Digital Vision
does the anamorphic processing and conversions plus all the generic image
grading in 844. Tekniche does the digital path of the telecine itself while ADV
(Dave Schnuelles firm) does all the changes to the telecine to be able to
provide a flat 12Mhz video bandwidth. In addition Sony has a VTR in shape of
modified D1 plus magic box. The bottom line is that we can create an 844 digital
interpositive, grade it in tape and convert it from the 625/50 to 525/60. Those
of you who have read about the AFC unit from Digital Vision realises that the
HiRess 1440 (844) is an extension to this concept. 

HiRes 1440 will be presenting the concept at NAB by RSVP presentations,
obviously those of you who wish to learn more or to throw in an argument or two
are welcome to do so. Keep in mind that seats are limited so call asap on our
800-566 6544 number. The hours of presentation are daily 11am & 3pm and it is on
stand S704 (south hall). This presentation is preceeded by the AFC presentation
starting 1/2 hour earlier. 


Mike at Digital Vision