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On Apr 5, 16:15, KEVIN SHAW wrote:
} Subject: NAB

> I am pleased to say Rank are very happy to play host to our daily
> rendez-vous and have offered us use of their conference room on the
> stand, if we wish to have a get together. We can make a booking on
> Monday at the show if you would like to do this

That's very nice of them.  Now let's see what BTS offers us.  A party

The conference room, hmmm.  Maybe right after lunch on Tuesday or
Wednesday would be good for me, but time will be tight for all of us,
I would imagine, with quite a few booths and gear to check out.

I have this fantasy, that we *all* get together on some ideas of
improvements to our favorite devices, and then *all* of us visit the
booth of that particular vendor, with group persuasion powers.  Can
you imagine the effect 30-50 United Telecine Engineers & Colorists
would have on certain marketing departments?  Well, I guess that's
what NAB is all about, isn't it.  ;-).

I'm still aiming to be at the Rank booth around 11 AM Tues and Wed.,
to meet whomever of us shows, and Kevin.


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