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HiRes 1440 - Questions

I think the underlying idea of a master telecine transfer format has some
merit but I have some questions that arise from my understanding of this
specific proposal.

>PVP, Preferred Video Products, does the commercial end of things, Digital
>does the anamorphic processing and conversions plus all the generic image
>grading in 844. Tekniche does the digital path of the telecine itself while ADV
>(Dave Schnuelles firm) does all the changes to the telecine to be able to
>provide a flat 12Mhz video bandwidth. In addition Sony has a VTR in shape of
>modified D1 plus magic box. The bottom line is that we can create an 844
>interpositive, grade it in tape and convert it from the 625/50 to 525/60. Those
>of you who have read about the AFC unit from Digital Vision realises that the
>HiRess 1440 (844) is an extension to this concept.

1. The modified, flat to 12 MHz rank must be an analog (non URSA, or Gold)
model. The modifications include the usual tweaks plus an increase of the
CRT high voltage. I wonder what the X-Ray output of the tube becomes and
what the regulatory agencies think of that modification. I _don't_ want to
stand in front of that machine.

2. The Sony black box is a lossy compression system related to digital
Betacam. It has various formats for 8:4:4 and 4:4:4:4  and 2 x 4:2:2 but
_all_ must fit onto a D-1 bitstream. Read the literature carefully and ask
questions. It turns out that you can have some of the bandwidth some of the
time or all of the bandwidth some of the time but my background tells me
you can't have all of the bandwidth all of the time. You don't get to
choose, the ICs in the box choose for you. It will probably work better
than I imagine, but I do want to bring this up when people start talking
about a mastering format.

David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net  (CIS 72167,1376)