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NAB guide N

To: rob at xyzoom.alegria.com (Rob Lingelbach)

RN>In the interest of information dissemination, I'll post here the
RN>latest version of the NAB.guide.  If there are any blatant lies or
RN>missing pieces, please let me know.

RN>Ultimatte:      in software for SGI
RN>Ultimatte 7


Been up to my ears in work (thankfully), and so haven't had any time to
reply to any of the posts regarding Ultimatte, but will do so
IMMEDIATELY after NAB.  Sorry.  I do read the mail.

However, I do want to alert everyone that Ultimatte will be showing the
new Ultimatte 8, a 4:4:4 all digital box, with major improvements (it
says here) in functionality over the Ultimatte 7, including adaptive
screen correction, soft edged wipes, and some other stuff they haven't
let me talk about yet.

Might be worth a look-see for anyone doing mattes in telecine.


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