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Re: Kodak Primtime film: impressions?

>At first, the film looked very good, with higher blue output. Everyone was
>pleased with the look. But, as they came to the bracketed exposures, Kodak
>wanted to shade to the film to minimize perceived shading problems, so I
did.  >Did you notice any shading weirdness on the bracketed exposures? 

I got to look at more Primetime film last Friday, and found it to look
great. The "perceived shading problems" we encountered in our earlier tests
were mostly due to lens vignetting from a "prime?" zoom lens.  In this
previous test the "shading" got worse as the aperture was opened more for
each bracketed exposure. Like any film, if it is exposed properly, with good
equipment, it should work well in telecine.  On our latest test, the
colorist testing it noticed immediately that it had tremendous contrast
range. On one shot of people in a room backlit by sunshine coming through a
window, he was able to produce a wide range of perfectly acceptable looks.
He could show the details of the room and people, and wash out the window,
or concentrate on what was outside, and keep the room and people in shadows.
He produced a wide variety of looks in between, showing how various clients
would want it to look.  He commented that it was easier to do this with the
Primetime than previous film stocks.