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NAB; SMPTE on the Web

Well, with NAB over, I'm sure there are some opinions and predictions
floating around our group, not to mention some curiosity from those
who couldn't go.

Of major note from my viewpoint at the show, for telecine anyway:

Artisan interface from daVinci
	--this is what daVinci users have been waiting for
	--we'll have to wait a while longer for the panel to be

Pogle Platinum (or "Pogle II"?  I wasn't sure)
	--another SGI interface!
	--virtual telecine: automatic load into disk of current scene,
	  making possible a zero-damage beat-it-to-death dissection of
	  image (in D1 anyway)

Options RTS/Metaspeed Plus system

DAV (from Options) anti-aliasing system (what's the name of this,
	--Dave has done it again, flip a switch and it's gone
	  (I believe you need his digital scan package for this)

...there was much more, but I leave it for others to post their
impressions here.

Addenda: did anyone see the FLH-1000?  It was in a suite like last
year, I heard.  Are there plans for some kind of pin-registration
system?  How was the Alpha Image party?

I stumbled across the SMPTE World Wide Web page today, not quite
finished, but with searchable index.  It's now linked into the
telecine homepage here, should anyone wish to take a look.  Includes
Technical Papers and Working Groups information.  Telecine group home
page URL is http://www.alegria.com/telecinehome.html   ...if anyone
has some images for the telecine page (GIF's are ideal) --of telecine
stuff, send it to me (ftp to ftp.alegria.com) and I'll include it on
the page.  I am scannerless at the moment.  


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