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Re: NAB; SMPTE on the Web

At 09:58 PM 4/15/95 PDT, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>DAV (from Options) anti-aliasing system (what's the name of this,
>	someone?)
>	--Dave has done it again, flip a switch and it's gone
>	  (I believe you need his digital scan package for this)


The name of Dave's latest gem, if recall correctly, is Clear View.  You do
need digital deflection to use it.
For those who did not get to see it, if you imagine something like a
Steadifilm chart on the Rank, and remember that it normally beats, this
system will make it rock solid. Further, if you rotate the image, the
"jaggies" (aliasing) that you would normally see on diagonal lines go away.
Of course, you don't normally transfer Steadifilm charts, but there are many
"everyday" types of material that can benefit from the effects of this box.
Imagine the possiblities.  I also was impressed by the demo tape of the VTK
shading system.  I would have liked to see it on a machine, though.  It
provided auto burn and shading correction for a Mark III in 30 seconds, and
it tracks X,Y,Zoom. It also allows manual shading.