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Re: nab follow up

On Apr 18, 11:12, "Bill Topazio" wrote:
} Subject: nab follow up

> I respectfully seek opinions about:

I was quite impressed with Artisan, Bill, with a few reservations.
The Indy, as expected at its blazing speed & resolution, gives
beautiful output.  The software, though not completely finished, looks
like it pretty much gives the operator anything (s)he wants, though I
was unclear about a few things: is there a plan to have "'scopes"
in the display for signal output monitoring, to replace traditional
'scopes?  How far does the incorporated vectorscope, used for defining
kilovectors, go in this regard?  Comments from daVinci solicited.

I was quite disappointed that I didn't get a demo on the box attached
to source material; I had to be content, due to their jammed schedule,
with a demo on the free-standing simulator around back of the booth.
But I spent a good hour talking with Andy Sackheim and crashing the

Just to give a synopsis of what I saw, which will leave many things
out: it has an expandable timeline-type of event display that tracks
(I believe) six threads: primaries, secondaries, pans, etc.  Copying,
pasting, moving, manipulating these events looked easy.  The active
status of these threads are togglable, in that insertions can be made
or not in each, while rolling (I believe), and *you don't have to be
at the end of the list any more while rolling to mark an event*.  The
"vectorscope" I mentioned above allows you to keep track of kilovector
fans, such that I can't believe we don't have that on existing
platforms.  My understanding is that currently, if you order an
Artisan, you will be using as input devices the existing panels and
sliding keyboard, with a mouse option (or you can toggle the panel
cursor trackball to operate as a mouse on the SGI).  I don't think
I'll be happy, if I have an Artisan, with the current panel and
keyboard.  That right-side panel is how many years old in design?!
When I mentioned this to Andy he said they'll be soliciting input for
a panel redesign later this year.  To me, right now it's kind of like
using Vise-Grips to steer your Ferrari.

The TLC will be incorporated, but will retain the existing keyboard.
I don't understand how this will work under some conditions-- for
example, I work in a situation where the assistant operator sits at
the console with me, logging, operating the TLC, and deflecting client
criticism.  I don't know if said assistant will be able to see the
Artisan screen's TLC window effectively.  But I'm generally in favor
of simplifying the console, and getting those extra terminals out of
the bay.  (should hear from Pogle users some reaction to this ;-))


I had a few moments to look at the Quadra, and I was impressed with
its picture quality.  


Impressive-- when I zoomed in while rolling, I saw what appeared to be
positional hum only, not weave.


Very impressive.  Hope someone else pops up here with more on it,
Craig Nichols and I are the only ones mentioning it so far.

I'd like to hear from Poglers how they feel about the introductions
made at that booth this year.  

And did anyone look at the FLH-1000 this year?  What about
pin-registration on it?  Wolfram Kemmer, Director of Development at
BTS, Germany, recently joined our list.  Wolfram, feel free to inform


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