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Re: nab follow up

re: Pogle-er's opinions...

Although we do not have Pogle's, I took a look at the "new" front end.  It is
a prototype.  I was impressed with the full use of the graphical user
interface...truly Icon oriented.  I had expected this from Da Vinci and was

The Pogle front end uses the "virtual telecine" approach.  There is a "film
Strip" along the left side of the display, when each scene is marked a still
of the last frame appears in the strip.  Ifyou double click the frame, a
window with the pertinant numbers appears immediately to the right of the
still frame.  When a still in the strip is selected, the rank can if desired
be made to track the selection..ie cue to selected frame.  Along the bottom,
there is another strip which is live film, one can click and drag to jog or
shuttle the telecine across scene changes.  In addition, for any selected
still, the dcp automatically creates an edge detection window for automatic
selection of masks, corrections etc.

In discussing this with one of our colorists,  it was suggested that a
colorist might be prone to rely on the display color instead of the color
monitor...This could be solved by running the display in muted color, or gray
scale.  I also saw that Sony now has a display set up probe with pseudo 6500
settings, so even running the display in full color may not pose a problem.

Once again, this was the approach that I had hoped Da Vinci would take..My
opinion re: their interface is that it looks like a pogle from 3 years ago!
 Da Vinci is hacking Artisan as if it is a finished product, when in fact it
has not even been beta tested anywhere yet.  Although they are taking orders,
they will not be discussing delivery for at least 6 months.  
Cavieat Emptor  (spelling?)