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color correctors

I did not get to look at Artisan as close as I would have liked due to time
limitations, and booth congestion.  I did look at the Copernicus a little
though, and found it had at least one intriguing feature (besides looking
pretty clean).  It incorporates the still store as part of the color list in
a way that reminds me a little of the Axial editor.  The stills are seen
thumbnail size within the list.  Clicking on the appropriate still brings it
to the main monitor for comparison to the live image.  The potential bad
thing about this, I guess, is that the thumbnails are in color, and could
possibly throw someone off it they used them as a color reference when they
are on the list display.  Despite this, I thought it was an interesting
concept. Can daVinci do this as well on Artisan? Does this appeal to anyone?
I also found the Digital Vison tape to tape corrector feature of being able
to define the operating curves of Lift, Gamma, and Gain controls to be
interesting (custom curves, but more straightforward).