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Re: nab follow up

Donna wrote
> When a still in the strip is selected, the rank can if desired
>be made to track the selection..ie cue to selected frame.  Along the bottom,
>there is another strip which is live film, one can click and drag to jog or
>shuttle the telecine across scene changes.

Did I miss something here. The Pogle platinum was hooked up to a disk array,
and shown to me as a system for grading from disk, not for controlling a
telecine. Or did I misunderstand?

>Once again, this was the approach that I had hoped Da Vinci would take

I understand that Da Vinci do intend to incorporate similar technology into
Artisan, perhaps Da Vinci can confirm that? I too would love to work with
"virtual film strips", especially if it means I do not have to rock and roll
the Tk, or worse jog D1.

Artisan certainly attracted attention, I did not get to try the system until 2
pm Thursday ! But I was impressed by how much easier it is to use than the
current interface. Many of the features are way over due, as is the redesigning
of the panels. Still I have to say, I think their priorities are right. Quality
(8:8:8), functionality (Artisan), then ease of use (new panels). 

My favourite features on the Artisan are Intelligent dissolves, that are
accurate frame by frame even when stationary. The buttons that allow the
colorist to go inside, outside, or (at last) in and out together, without using
the on screen cursor;the TLC as the edit controller, and Cut, copy and paste
ability in the event lists.

I only had 15 minutes, what else is new in Artisan? 

On an 8:8:8 I would like to be able to create a "Key In" window from chroma
information, without buying an Ultimatte, or Mixer. I have tried unsucessfully
to feed the Key Out to the Key In input, but without success. Has anybody been
able to do this ? Or does anybody have an alternative (cheap ;-> ) solution?