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TLC and Artisan

In response to Rob's question about the TLC within the Artisan, there 
has been some confusion, mainly because we were unable to show how this 
is going to be implemented at NAB.  The TLC hardware will reside in the 
888 chassis and have its own VGA display and new PC style keyboard.  
This will not utilize the old RS232 terminal we have used in the past.  
This VGA display and keyboard will always be available separate to the 
Artisan screen especially for those who wish to have separate control 
of the TLC.  This hardware path will also easily provide multiple 
displays and keyboards for the TLC which has also been a request from 
some customers.  For those colorists who don't want the extra display, 
the TLC display will also have its own Artisan window, but still using 
a separate PC style keyboard because we need all the function keys we 
can get.  Having the TLC display in the Artisan opens up a lot of neat 
ideas we wish to incorporate into the total product in the near future. 
The Artisan/TLC display will not remove the ability to have a separate 
display elswhere like the telecine or machine room.

Since we are not finished with this part of the interface (and 
hopefully never finished with the TLC), we encourage your wish list 
items and hope you will like our wish list items.  Thanks, Gary Adams