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DaVinci Wishes

Hi all,

In response to David Catt, I was generally quite impressed with the work done 
on the Artisan.  Several features have been long overdue, such as real file 
manipulation including cut and paste.  Also, to be able to save off a working 
version of a list mid-session under a different filename is a wonderful thing 
should you want to make alternate versions for a given piece of film or tape. 
 I found the graphic representation of the 6-level list useful, though a bit 
busy visually.  

The added scratchpad memories will get a lot of use from me.  It's not unusual 
for a director or DP to want to see a dozen looks for a scene before making up 
his mind, and inevitably he wants to return to the one you just blew away!  
Twenty-six memories will help.  >Can a name or comment be attached to each?

> Has the list size been expanded beyond 999 events?

> I really need some user programmable panel functions.  Often, in commercial 
and especially music video work, I am manipulating color and pan parameters on 
the fly, desperate to control both at once.  I am working with a "features" 
panel, but the pan/tilt/zoom/wipe panel controls are essentially useless at 
present.  They don't update nearly quick enough (I assume the new SGI system 
will fix this), and they are often not the controls I need.  I want, for 
instance, to assign a scan effect to the D/E wheel, have preset colors in 
memories that can be popped into, and have an active grab button, all live on 
the panel simultaneously.  I think the panel should have a mfg. preset mode, 
and a user assignable mode, which could be saved as a config.

>Persoanlly, I can't see using the VGA monitor for TLC if it means yet another 

>I think all of us with "features" panels have asked for a dedicated grab 
button.  In the present version, one cannot toggle a grab and adjust chroma 
without switching in and out of display mode! (And how many of you out there 
have inadvertantly hit Pos/Neg when you thought you were in Display, but were 
really in Color, thus trashing away the grade you just spent 10 minutes 
building...boo, hiss.  Bad place for that button.

>Client eject button?

I anxiously await news from the Beta test sites to see how this new system 
plays in the field.  Finally, a computer that can work as fast as a colorist! 

Sam Dlugach
Colorist/Complete Post
dlugach at earthlink.net