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Hello fellow colorists and telecine engineers, 
     What a thrill to discover this list.  Thanks to Options International
for directing me to Rob.  I've been on the net for almost three years, and
a colorist for fifteen years. 
     I should start by saying hello to John Seberg, who I replaced at
Modern Video in Philadelphia when he joined Groupe Andre Perry in
Washington.  Before that I was at Century III in Boston (hello Randy
Starnes, we never met but I heard great things about your work at
Videocraft after I came here!) 
     I'll have to check out the archives to find out what threads are
current; has there been much discussion of Kodak's 7287?   
     I'll keep this first post short!  Hello everyone, I'm excited to have
found this list and I look forward to being a regular contributor here. 
Thanks Rob for getting me started here! 
Robert Lovejoy 
(hoping Modern springs for the Metaspeed, but wishing for the BTS MNR 11 a
little more...)