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Re: Tape Transport Of Choice

	Asking "what tape machine should I buy" is kinda like asking "what car
should I buy" - it depends on the application, your facility and your
marketplace. In NY telecine and graphics are primarily D-1 ( and mostly Sony )
but the 10 bit capability of the Panasonic is very attractive. The compressed
formats (DigiBeta and DCT) are OK for editing  but I wouldn't like to depend on
them for a graphics dept. I like the construction of the BTS D-1 and the
feature set blows Sony away ( analog I/O, audio & TC delays) but they don't
have the slo-mo of the 2100s and in NY there is finger pointing if there are
interchange problems ( Gee ... it plays ok on my DVR) but if the tapes and vtrs
are in format they interchange properly.