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Re: Tape Transport Of Choice

>I would like to get opinions (as if I have to ask.....) on what is the tape
transport of choice for telecine and graphics. We are shopping different
ones, except D-Beta, we've got one of those. We are interested in Sony D1,
Panasonic D5 and the Ampex DCT. 
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        I thought I would never say it, but I am partial to Ampex DCT.  When
I was working at the Post Group, the Graphics people became very weary of
dealing with the tired DVR1000 D1 machines having problems.  They had two of
the best D1 guys I've ever worked with pouring new parts into them, but they
still had problems.  So, the Graphics staff (most of whom are now at
Pittard) pretty much switched to DCT and never looked back. We also used DCT
in Telecine for long form dailies.  Once we overcame the learning curve,
they worked quite well.
        If ultimate goal was the highest quality graphics, or a high end
Telecine, I'd use a known reliable  D1, and I would dub or simo record a DCT
for backup. This could give an out for possible D1 incompatiblity problems.  
        Currently, I'm experiencing some frustration with Digi Beta due to
editing problems (having to use forced field 1 editing to make them edit
with TLC at all).  Hopefully Sony will resolve this in the near future.
Otherwise, they look pretty good.
        D5 propaganda looks promising, but Panachronic?


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