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Re Artisan

Re Artisan.

In reply to Sam Dlugach of Complete Post who asked:-

 =93Can scratchpad Memories be named=94,      yes they can but we are als=
looking to tie a Thumbnail picture  to them as well.

=93Has the list size expanded above 999=94, yes, there is no physical lim=
it to
the list size however the space needed to display the scene number is lim=
to 4 digits which gives 9,999  events.

=93User programmable panel functions=94. Ultimately we would like to make=
control panels =93user=94 configurable however this will not be available=


User configurable fast keys and macros should minimise keystrokes.

=93Dedicated Grab=94. The old =93Rank/888 Colorgrade=94 toggle key has be=
en moved
which allows it to become a dedicated =93grab=94 control. =

We have an =93undo=94 control for those very rare occasions when we press=
wrong key.

=93Client eject button=94. Which way would you like the client to be ejec=
horizontally, Vertically or just vaporised.

Many thanks for your input.

David Catt