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Re Artisan

Re Artisan.

In reply to Sam Dlugach of Complete Post who asked:-

Can scratchpad Memories be named, yes they can but we are also
looking to tie a Thumbnail picture to them as well.

Has the list size expanded above, yes, there is no physical limit to
the list size however the space needed to display the scene number is
lim ited to 4 digits which gives 9,999 events.

User programmable panel functions. Ultimately we would like to make
 all control panels user configurable however this will not be
available immediately.

User configurable fast keys and macros should minimise keystrokes.

Dedicated Grab. The old Rank/888 Colorgrade toggle key has been moved
which allows it to become a dedicated grab control. 

We have an undo control for those very rare occasions when we press
 the wrong key.

Client eject button. Which way would you like the client to be
ejected, horizontally, Vertically or just vaporised.

Many thanks for your input.

David Catt

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