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Re: A Fish Out Of Water

On Sat, 29 Apr 1995 18:58:02 -0400 you wrote:

>Hi Folks! 
>     As a "new guy" to the list, it's hard to know what threads have been
>covered recently, but heck, I might as well jump in and see what happens! 

.....stuff deleted....

>     I notice from reading some archival material that most of you are
>running your telecines at 300 microamps, as Rank suggests (unless your
>DaVinci mysteriously switches it to 150!).  For years, I've been running at
>200.  Supposedly, my signal should be a little noisier, but if it is, it's
>buried in the analog system noise (sigh!).  On the other hand, the lower
>beam current provides a measurably sharper picture as well as extends the
>life of the tube.  Does anyone else do this? (Does anyone else here run a
>Mk. III?) 

yup, mkIIIB, digi-4, classic davinci, meta-speed, hotrodded PEC power supplies, partial front-end kit, etc etc.....and we run 150 mils on the beam current. Tube life normally runs a year, maybe more, maybe less. Our clients like the pictures they get so what can I say. fyi, the ops manager and I keep the beast, er lady, (I hope its not listening) going. Be sure to take care of your CE. Agree with him no matter how crazy it sounds.

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