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Re: DCT (forwarded)

At 05:57 PM 4/30/95 PDT, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>--- Forwarded mail from "Richard Torpey" <rich at pi.mte.com>
>From: "Richard Torpey" <rich at pi.mte.com>
>	No argument - the DCT is fast as a bat outta H*** in the edit suite,
>shuttles and locks up faster than anything but a ddr. However, for a graphics
>suite 99 times out of a hundred it would be fine - that one 1 a hundred job
>would give me ulcers though - Do I feel lucky today, huh, do I?
>	FWIW, you can now address Mike Arbuthnot at DaVinci.
>							Rich Torpey
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I would not be suprised if there are some Graphics jobs that might not do
well with DCT, but my experience has also been that there have also been
some Graphics (and/or Telecine) projects that have suffered because of the
usage of borderline D1 machines. That old interchange problem can bite as
bad or worse than the "evils" of compression. My suggestion to record to
both DCT and D1 for very critical projects is meant to lessen the odds that
either format will not "make your day".  Do you feel lucky enough to ensure
that the next facility involved in the project will have D1 machines as good
as yours? If you had a backup DCT as well, the odds should be even more in
your favor. Until servers with removable storage medium really become
reality, I think that DCT is a viable and reasonable format.  When servers
become reality, it is likely that at least for a while, the DCT related DST
Ampex data tape drive Mike Orton mentioned will be used for data
import/export. It is already used on Cineon, and as Mike points out the
govenment, NASA and others are "buying them by the truckload at $100K". 

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Craig   ;-)