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  OFFICE MEMO                                                 Time:
                      kruftscmutzdrekk                              05-03-95

Kruft, schmutz, fuzz, drekk, call it what you will, CRT dust is
no laughing matter. We all have to live with it, to some degree.
We have tried many things to minimize the problems, including...

ionizers (whole room, tower, air knife)
air knives
Drypur / PTR rollers
positive pressure / microfilter HVAC
common sense (hardest to implement)
manual cleaning
radioactive brushes
rites involving chickens and candles

... but we can't eliminate it completely. One sure-fire way to
get a big jump on this is with a LF CRT. But before I take that
plunge (again!) I was wondering if anybody else had any brilliant
ideas for dust control. Most of the dust is CRT-bound, so PTRs
and the cute little fuzzy rollers will probably not help. Any

While we're at it, any new opinions regarding LF CRTs? How's the
New Century puppy?

-bt / Editel NY