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Re: kruftscmutzdrekk

>Kruft, schmutz, fuzz, drekk, call it what you will, CRT dust is
>no laughing matter. We all have to live with it, to some degree.
>We have tried many things to minimize the problems, including...

Many places seem to ignore CRT dust problems because of thick face plate tubes.
But I have seen instances where dust has caused significant light loss, and to
a lesser extent resolution loss.

My (current) choices in order of importance

-Strong positive pressure in the Tk room, using filtered and ionised air

-Use only compressed air (not canned, the real mcCoy) to clean the tube and
I have never been convinced that there is a way to clean the tube with a cloth
or lint with out building up a static charge, and the mirror appears to blemish
at the merest touch

-Regular cleaning of the Telecine with Anti static foam or spray

-PTR Rollers, tho you're right they just help stop dust being there in the
first place

-Room Humidifier (50%)

I'd like to know more about the rites with chickens and candles, anything that
keeps people out of the machine room has to be useful. Are leftover Kentucky
Fried Chickens OK ?

Zurich (soon to be back with Rushes, London)