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Re: Digi Beta opinions, anyone?

On Tue, 2 May 1995, Bob Kertesz wrote:

> Would be interested in your evaluation (as well as anyone else's) of
> DigiBeta.
> I have used it in the field a few times, feeding it analog component,
> and the results looked great, especially when compared to standard Beta
> SP, which I think pretty much sucks.
> But laying down a few hours of live Ultimatte stuff is not the same as
> beating on it day after day in a post environment, so any input would be
> welcome, especially as I'm considering buying a machine for field
> acquisition.

	While we don't have telecine here, we do component digital in two 
suites, and I haven't seen anything that I would call a DCT artifact in 
the digital betas.  They have been some of the most reliable tape 
machines here.  My only problem with them is that they won't do 

James Wilson, Peachtree Post,  Atlanta, Georgia, USA      jww at crl.com