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Re: da Vinci BBS

 Reply to:     RE>>da Vinci BBS
A lot of mfgrs are now operating BBS's. Seems like the Wildcat BBS
is the usual choice. ACCOM now has theirs up and running, as does
Gary for the TLC.

I agree with the ftp/gopher, but...

Many mfgrs who have their development systms on a net are loathe to
provide full internet access (ftp, etc.) for security reasons. That
makes some sense, 'cause it DOES require a watchful eye, and these
companies are small enough where having "a guy" to watch over all
that is probably not efficient use of resources. After all, they
have real $$$ riding on their data.

The BBS, although not as cool as internet, is still mighty useful
and almost a no-brainer for administration. I encourage other mfgrs
to provide interconnectivity (internet or BBS) for their customers
and applaud those who are doing it now. -bt

>Cool idea, but go one more step. Set up an ftp/gopher server.