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Re: kruftscmutzdrekk

>Craig writes
>If it becomes necessary to clean the mirror, I like the Jan Yarlbrough (did
>I spell that right?) approach.  He trained operators to flow alcohol over
>the mirror and blow dry with the air nozzle.  Dave Pizio has a refinement of
>this using anhydrosol, followed by acetone to prevent spotting (this works
>great on lenses). Also, removing the mirror and washing in mild dish soap
>works well, but watch out for flying retainers and springs! 

Just to add to Craigs mentioning of the Jan Yarbrough method of cleaning the
Although Jan may not admit to it, he does allow a gentle index finger massagge
only when necessary to rid the tough spots. But strickly warns against. Another
words you can do it but don't let me see you doing it!  The whole procedure is
something to watch. It begins by protecting the rank from alcohal
run off by laying old text wipes all around the bottom of the mirror. Pouring
alchohal over the mirror and spraying it down with the air nozzle
simultaneously. Repeat if necessary. It Works! 

Craig thanks for your input here on this group.

Larry Gibbs