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Re: kruftscmutzdrekk

On May 5, 21:09, g250001 at ibm.net wrote:
} Subject: Re: kruftscmutzdrekk

> By the way, do people want to know anything about Video Engineering?
> I can write a bit if you all like!

Ken, one of the unwritten and subtle concepts that we are observing
here in this group is that we stay away from outright promotion.
There are quite a few manufacturers represented here, and our
evolution has been to have them provide product information when 1) we
need information to correct misinformation and rumor or 2) we're
"publishing" a guide for an upcoming trade show.

However, that said, you are welcome to upload product information with
ftp to my host, where it will be available for anyone via ftp and also
on the World Wide Web server here.  If you don't have ftp, send it to
me *personally* (not to the group) and I'll make sure it's made


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