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Re: kruftscmutzdrekk

At 3:24 PM 5/5/95, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>> By the way, do people want to know anything about Video Engineering?
>> I can write a bit if you all like!
>Ken, one of the unwritten and subtle concepts that we are observing
>here in this group is that we stay away from outright promotion.
>There are quite a few manufacturers represented here, and our
>evolution has been to have them provide product information when 1) we
>need information to correct misinformation and rumor or 2) we're
>"publishing" a guide for an upcoming trade show.


Yeah, Rob, one of the great things about this forum is that we can introduce=
 our own speculation, misinformation and rumor, not to mention outright lies=
 and slander, *without* the help of any manufacturers, if we so choose!  (=
 If we let manufrs do it for us, we wouldn't have any choice, geddit?)

P.S. to all: like the dialog so far, and you guys are all so *polite*
Regards, MIkeO.