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Re: da Vinci BBS

At 4:04 PM 5/5/95, James Wilson wrote:
>On 5 May 1995, Bill Topazio wrote:
>>  Reply to:     RE>>da Vinci BBS
>> A lot of mfgrs are now operating BBS's. Seems like the Wildcat BBS
>> is the usual choice. ACCOM now has theirs up and running, as does
>> Gary for the TLC.
>Either way, you have to maintain it, there are some very inexpensive and=20
>easy to maintain internet solutions out there that don't require=20
>customers to call long distance or learn a new interface...

If your company already has Internet access, the solution can be as cheap as=
 an old Mac Classic, and an ethernet connector, some shareware=
 software...end of story. Total cost about $700 if you dont already have the=
 Mac. This would be enough for a dedicated server. Use Phil Zimmerman's PGP=
 (pretty good privacy)  public key encryption for data security to DOD=
 standards and off you go! No need to buy another modem or buy into BBS=
 software, and no need for our expensive long-distance calls. If anyone=
 wants to know where to get PGP, I can point you to the appropriate WWW home=
 page.......... at a price! My consultancy fee is one beer, payable when you=
 next see me.!  The fee is waived for everyone in this group, on the basis=
 that I collected in advance on your behalf at the last 3 NAB Alpha Image=
 parties. Thanks M.C.

Best regards (hic)
Mike O.