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On 5/10 Marc wrote:

<<<<<  there's is absolutely, positively NO loss in resolution when using
DVNR. >>>>>

He later wrote this;

<<<<We also have to be very careful when using DVNR during titles, to avoid the
possibility of pieces of the title information dropping out.  Lower case "e's"
can turn into "c's," stuff like that.  >>>>>>

OK. I'm confused. I admit it. Marc, If you have to worry about the DVNR
attacking fine detail such as the bar of a lower case "e", what is it doing
to your picture and the fine detail contained within?
It seems to me that the possibility of losing picture information is more
serious than an "artifact"
and less desireable than slight resolution loss. --Call me crazy. It would
great if you could answer this fairly quickly so the rest of the list
doesn't have to be innundated with another (Inevitable) sales pitch for DV.

Happy knob twisting,

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