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A few questions...

Hi folks, 
     There has been a discussion going about scratch removers.  Our
facility recently demo'd the BTS MNR-11, and while it does help with small
scratch and dirt concealment, I'm not sure I'd apply the term "wet-gate" to
the results I saw.  Of course, I was not extremely familiar with the unit
so there may have been some combination of settings that I missed.  Do any
of you who have this box mind sending along some comments, and if any of
you know of some other boxes I should be investigating, please let me know!

     And speaking of clean film...(!) - Now that our favorite chemical
1,1,1 trichloroetc. is being phased out, we have to look at replacement
technology.  Would any of you mind posting your thoughts on how your
facilites are dealing with film cleaning.  I know the Lipser-Smith CF-2000
was at one time the standard film cleaner, found just about everywhere, but
as that is now technology non gratia, what are you all moving towards?  We
have the rollers from Options, and they do a nice job, but they can't
replace a full cleaning, especially on cut negative.  I'm not sure a
combination of the rollers and the MNR-11 would be able to replace the
CF-2000 (esp. with respect to the MNRtifacts), so what system is becoming
the new standard?   
     I'm fairly new here, so if this topic has been covered before, please
point me to the proper archive! 
     Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide! 
Robert Lovejoy