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Responding to Marc Weilages reply

I am very greatful to Marc's frank reply on this issue of ASC - filmdirt

It shall be added that the better the film quality is -i.e 35 rather than 16,
neg rather than pos, lower grain rather than higher, more contrast than lower
and so on - the better the result out of the ASC.

In fact, and I dare claim to the best of my experience, that putting up a
resonably virgin 35mm having either "salt or pepper" dust then the ASC can be
set to clean out nearly 100% at no visible artifacts.  This is for most material
I have seen at customers facilities around the world. When optimised at these
levels the ASC is basically idling, and very forgiving to what normally at other
settings would produce sideeffects.

The reason I claim this is that as you travel the globe you get the opportunity
to visit the best facilities with the most critical colourists. Having boldly
claimed what we do, you can believe the material they throw at me to crack the
box? We never try to hide what the ASC does when it cracks up, it does but when
you learn how to use it is is a powerful tool. 
In addition, it doesn't stink, clog up or pollute those precious layers in the


Mike at  Digital Vision

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninetynine percent hard work" - Thomas A